We sold in 1 day!!

We have had the best experience with the Pappalardo Team. They worked hard to get our house on the market and to sell it quickly. They knew what changes we needed to make to sell quickly but understood that some of them would be hard to make (for example: we had turned our dining room into our daughter’s room but they said we needed to make it a dining room to sell. They helped us figure out where to put her while we were on the market that wouldn’t imposition us too much.) They took care of all kinds of things to get us seen because we sold in 1 day!! They were also very patient with us when finding a house. We needed to find one quickly so we could close on both houses around the same time. We saw around 40 houses in two weeks! No complaints from them and answered our endless questions and lists! They helped us better understand what we want/need and how to find it. I hope they are still available when we need to sell again! I wouldn’t want to use anyone else! I have recommended them to multiple friends already.