They Actively Care About The Community

Chris went above and beyond the call of duty. He was true to his motto that, “No one wants to help you more than I do.” He took it personally when our house was not selling. In researching other strategies, he found the solution that sold our house. A client can rest easy in whatever situation that they are in due to the network that Chris has for whatever you need (builders, renting, etc.).

Amy joined Chris as we were finishing up our time together (for a few months). We will be working with Chris and Amy to build a home in the future. Amy is a person of integrity. Never once did we worry about confidentiality. We were always at ease with the Papalardo’s. You felt like you had known them your entire life. They truly care about people, and want you to feel comfortable in your decisions, as well as working with them.

Chris and Amy, through Keller Williams, actively care about their community. They are consistent in their support of Gateway Education Center (special needs school in Greensboro). Three years ago, this group completely “restored” the memorial garden. Two years ago, their team “put in” a kitchen through the “Homes to Heros,” program, making it accessible for students with disabilities. Last year, they designed a sensory garden for the students with visual and hearing impairments.

Each summer, the Papalardo’s host a barbaque at their house for those they call heroes (firefighters, police, teachers, etc.) who are thier clients. It is one of the many ways they appreciate those with such noble professions. Last but not least, Chris is often seen at fire stations within the city sharing his latest grilled masterpiece.

You cannot get any better than Chris and Amy Papalardo…humble, professional, and genuine. You can trust them with your home and family.