September 2020 marked our 10th year in business and over 800 homes sold.  To mark the occasion we did a month full of giveaways (Yeti Cooler, Chris’ secret recipe bbq, spa gift certificates, and more!)

We had so much fun giving away prizes that we want to keep celebrating our 10th year through the end of 2021 – except this time BIGGER!!

We will be partnering with some of our vendors that we have worked with for years, to give away 1 prize to 1 lucky winner that will knock their socks off.  The winner will be randomly chosen December 31st 2021.

Stay tuned here as we give away more details about that prize (…or choice of prizes…)!

What we do know – to get entered into this giveaway you must buy or sell a house with us this year OR refer us someone who buys or sells a house with us this year.

Stay tuned as we unveil the prizes by the end of January 2021.